What makes up UX, anyway?

User experience guru Jesse James Garrett wrote a book entitled “The Elements of User Experience” and in it, described the 5 key concepts of UX. While that all sounds fantastic, those concepts seem a little woolly and hard to understand.

In this week’s installation of 10 Second Insights, Chris explains the 5 planes of UX and the order in which you should tackle them.

Those ‘planes’ are:

5. Strategy

What is the objective of your website? Do you want to collect email addresses, or perhaps you want users to purchase a product? This is the metaphorical base-layer of your website; the concept needs to be considered before anything else.

4. Scope

Now you’ve considered the strategy, what are the boundaries of your project? Staying within the realms of scope lets you be realistic about aims and time pressures.

3. Structure

You know from the other two stages what your website needs to do and the external factors that might affect it. Now it’s time to think about the user journey and how a visitor gets from the start point to the end goal.

For example, how many clicks and pages does it take for a user to get from the homepage to purchasing a product?

2. Skeleton

A skeleton is also known as a wireframe. It’s the process of creating a functional blueprint of your website to see how everything connects together BEFORE committing to building the real thing in code. This part is often cheaper and keeps everybody at the next stage focused on the same target.

1. Surface

This is the look and feel of the website. Frequently, the four stages before this are the bits that get overlooked and the surface is the only consideration in a web build. In User Experience, this is absolutely the last part of the consideration.

The 5 Stages of Success

We think that UX is fundamental to the success of a website – it’s in how your customers interact with you that helps to generate sales for your business. With our 10 Second Insights, we hope this absolute mammoth of a topic is slightly easier to understand.

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