Though Hotjar has been around for a while now, it still stands up as one of the handiest tools for website conversion rate optimisation (CRO). What you get depends whether you’re willing to pay for it. The ‘freemium’ version will give you features like heat mapping, scroll mapping and mouse tracking. Enough to run effective A/B testing and iron out wrinkles in your customer journey.

Throw a little cash at it and you’ll be able to do stuff like user testing, web analytics, funnel analysis and mobile analytics. In this little tour, we’ll cover just a few of the ways you can use Hotjar for better website conversion rate optimisation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation With Hotjar.

Before You Start.

You won’t effectively optimise conversions with Hotjar until you’ve first gotten your head around these terms.


Your website and message ‘hooks’ are the persuade customers to actually convert to paying customers. They’re the parts of your proposition messaging that drive that final buying decision.


You might say ‘barriers’ are the opposite of hooks. Things that prevent customer conversion, or even website journey abandonment. Pricing that is seen as lacking value, bad copy, slow page loading times and other things that raise customer eyebrows.


Drivers are what get folks into your website in the first place. It might be specific services they search for, word-of-mouth recommendations, a problem they need to solve or a goal they need to reach. Understanding drivers will help you understand what your website needs to do to connect all the right dots for visitors.

Got those? Let’s get onto the practical stuff. Some of it is actually even quite fun.

3 Simple Steps to Start Optimising Website Conversion Rates With Hotjar

Remember. There are tons of different ways you can use HotJar. These are just three basic ways recommended by Hotjar themselves. Once you’ve mastered these, you might have the confidence to go deeper and pay for advance functions.

Need a hand? Let us use HotJar on your website on your behalf, and we’ll help you really take things to the next level with some deep-level web usability testing.

Ok. Step 1.

1. Using Feedback Polls to Map Out Drivers on Landing Pages

Identifying what drivers bring traffic into your website is the first step to creating compelling hooks that convert. Conversion rate is the first stem.

Hotjar lets you create a Feedback Poll that asks customers specific questions.

Once you’ve collected enough poll data, HotJar will build a word map to help you intuitively visualise the answers usefully.

HotJar Polls Wordcloud

Generating wordmap data in this way will help you quickly spot weak points in your messaging. You’ll also learn what you customers actually want from you so you can build in the right copy and messaging in the right places to create strong hooks that convert.

2. Building Heat Maps on Pages with High Bounce Rates

Pages with decent traffic are a sign of good key drivers pushing traffic to those pages. If you have high traffic twinned with a high bounce rate, then something’s up. Perhaps there are barriers somewhere or a lack of strong hooks?

Using HotJar to build heatmaps will give you a visually intuitive view of spotting which elements on your website or landing page are receiving the most clicks and attention. You’ll even see how far page visitors have scrolled down the page.

Once you’ve ran HotJar’s heatmaps across high traffic, high bounce rate pages for long enough, you’ll be amazed by what you might unearth in terms of patterns of visitor behaviour that were previously invisible.

Reducing bounce rate on the problem page might be a case of making just a couple of minor changes. If you spot more than a few problem pages, it’s probably time to run a full website audit.

Increase Website Conversion With HotJar Heatmaps
HotJar Heatmaps

3. Identifying the Barriers in Your Funnel

Website funnels are similar to sales funnels you’re probably familiar with in that they essentially cater for the same sales steps of ‘awareness’, ‘consideration’ and ‘conversion’.

For example, a website funnel might be:

Homepage > Services> Contact Form > Thank You Page

HotJar lets you map out pages make up your website funnels and measure drop off percentages along each stage of the funnel to quickly identify weak links in the chain.

HotJar Funnels

This data-rich top-down perspective will let you quickly identify where you need to cast your attention to iron out conversion wrinkles preventing website traffic getting from A (arrival) to B (conversion).

Need a Hand? Let Us Interpret Your HotJar Data

HotJar is a joy to use so we won’t pretend you’ll need professional help to get brilliant results from it. We also won’t pretend a little help from us won’t take your website conversion rate optimisation further, because the chances are it will. Let us run, monitor and learn from HotJar on your problem pages, and we’ll pull out the lessons to implement the fixes.

Thanks for reading.

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