PPC AB Testing

PPC ads are a strategic aspect of most digital marketing campaigns. It can also be the most costly, if not executed correctly. A/B testing helps you understand and prove what works best for your PPC campaign and what to avoid. This ensures you receive an optimal ad rank, and, if on Google, a high Google Quality Score.

The A/B testing doesn’t have to be complicated. This doesn’t mean you should slack on testing, analysing, and comprehending the conversion results. It simply means the team’s focus isn’t scattered on various sections. The testing is explicit to the PPC ad campaign elements: ad headline, ad copy, keywords the ad displays for, and the ad link.

PPC Ad 101

The headline is the first line of the ad. It displays what is being offered and includes the keyword you wish your ad to appear for.  Two examples of PPC ad headlines are “Women’s Shoes: Free Shipping” or “Healthy Pet Food.”

The ad copy expands upon the headline. It clearly tells users what you are offering avoiding any surprises for the user when clicking upon the ad.  The action/conversion you wish the user to accomplish is outlined in the ad copy.

The ultimate way to determine which keywords and phrases are the most successful is by testing them. Track the results. Discover which keyword combinations are superior and keep notation of it. You’ll need that information in the A/B testing process.

The last element to investigate is the ad’s URL link. Your ad link impacts conversion. For instance, if your headline and ad copy is about free shipping for women’s shoes then point the user to the relevant landing page. Do not send the user to your company home page where you sell shoes for kids, men and women. This harms your Google Quality Score, ad positioning, overall conversion rates and credibility with users.

How to Create an A/B Test for PPC Ad Campaigns

After determining which variables to experiment, create a list of distinct trials to operate. If you have two options for you headline and two for your ad copy then run four tests (AB, BA, BB, AA). There is no limit to how many tests one can generate.

Do not be too hasty with the testing. We advise running it for several days and up to three weeks as a minimum. It is contingent on how much traffic you receive.

A/B testing unveils the weak and strong aspects of a PPC ad campaign. It supplies hardnosed data. You no longer have to guess what works and what doesn’t. What appeals to you may not have worked in the past. This is why A/B testing is vital to your PPC ad campaign success.

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