It’s been 10 days since I joined Insightful UX, and I can now say with confidence that the process of immersing myself fully in the world of UX has so far been remarkably comparable to my experience of learning to water ski as a 10 year old child.

I don’t know if you’ve learnt to water ski, but during the learning phase, there’s an unexpected and surprisingly extended period during which you are dragged via your arms by an 8,000lb speedboat through churning, salty water. When eventually, you do manage to get yourself into a standing position on your skis, gliding through the water, the experience is euphoric and truly gratifying.

I’m starting to have more of those moments at Insightful UX every single day.

Having spent the majority of my career up until this point marketing a branding agency, my experience of UX, Research and CRO was almost entirely theoretical. It was something I read about in Marketing Week, or perhaps nodded enthusiastically about at the mention of ‘CRO’ by my digital peers, whilst quickly making a mental note to Google a summary of all known digital acronyms that evening. Side note – I never remembered to do so.

When my MD first suggested I share my experience of entering into the wonderful world of UX on our blog, I was at best, surprised. What hidden insights could I possibly share with my peers, that wouldn’t already be covered by the ‘UX Analysts’ and ‘Wireframe Architects’ I suddenly found myself surrounded by each day? 

What I came to realise was that, as a Marketing Manager, I was exactly who UX agencies like Insightful need to be talking to – educating us about the best kept secret in website design – UX research and testing. 

As my new Team hurled me like a rugby ball through a mind-bending series of 1-1s, powered almost entirely by a combination of coffee and nachos, I was struck by a series of lightbulb moments – and by lightbulb moments, I mean the same experience I felt gliding through the water on my waterskis at aged 10. 

It’s that incredible moment we’ve all experienced at some point – my new team call it the moment the penny drops, or the bridge, but essentially these are all different names for the same experience I’ve had time and time again at Insightful UX.

UX has an extraordinary amount to offer Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, MDs – indeed anyone within an organisation who is responsible for investing in their marketing and showcasing the return on that investment.

Over the next few months, when I can, it’s my intention to share these lightbulb moments with you, to give everyone a flavour of just how powerful UX, research and CRO truly are.

I invite you to come along on this journey with me. I can promise you it’ll be honest and from the heart. 

But I can’’t promise it won’t include photos of post-it notes. 

Until next time.


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