Hi, I’m Helen – a Digital Marketing Apprentice who started working for Insightful UX last week. I am not your typical apprentice though, at 30 years old with a degree in Finance and Business and after a 7-year career break to raise children I am excited to be re-training into the world of Digital. I was attracted to a career in digital after seeing how undoubtedly important a digital presence is becoming in overall business strategy and finding the evolving Digital Marketing landscape especially interesting.

I had very little insight into User Experience before starting last Tuesday, but I am pleased to say a week in, I now know a little more!

I studied the Insightful UX website prior to starting on my first day, fully aware that I  understood very little of UX and full of nerves for my first day, however the team made me feel at ease before I’d even stepped through the doors with an email the night before asking if I would like to come along for beers after work. A slight amendment to a glass of cold white wine and it was a go.

I turned up for work on Tuesday and hit the ground running with a client meeting within the first 15 minutes. I sat through the presentation run by Chris Newnham and was impressed. I was sold on UX and started to understand the importance of User Experience to the overall digital strategy. I did find the terminology a little baffling, but Chris and Lee reassured me that I should ask if I was feeling a little bewildered!

I was then treated to a lunch by the team, Chris made sure to manage expectations but stressing that daily lunch outings were not the norm and I got to know the guys a little better.  Did I mention that I am the first woman to work at Insightful? It’s not as daunting as it sounds, they have all been very welcoming and friendly and I am starting to understand their quirky sense of humour a little more each day.

Throughout the rest of the week I have got to learn about the roles of each team member a little better, started getting to grips with the Insightful UX Digital Audit process and was shown the ropes of Google Analytics.

My limited perception of UX has changed over the week and I now understand how important user insights are when developing or redeveloping a Website, delving deeply into the user journey, using real insights to drive strategy.

Reflecting on my first week, it has been great. I am starting to get my head around the acronyms like PPC, SEO, IA & GA and understanding how all these elements come together within Insightful UX.  I am looking forward to learning more about Insightful UX, getting stuck into client projects and the new challenges that lay ahead.

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