Having worked in digital both client and agency side for over 14 years I’m still amazed to come across businesses that spend big in terms of budgets and resource to driving traffic to their website, analysing campaign results and continually optimising activity, whilst not ensuring the website is treated as a channel in its own right, with the same level of focus.

I often come across businesses without the right website tracking in place, to understand enquiry/ sales levels and also seeing businesses not setting website objectives like they may do for DM, email or PPC.

So why is this important?

  1. Like any channel, having control of where you are and where you want to go is crucial in understanding how your marketing activity will help you achieve your business objectives.
  2. Equally understanding what you may want to achieve with a website allows you to then understand the investment and value of improving your site.
  3. Another important factor is that your website can enhance the performance of other channels. For example doubling PPC conversion onsite will ultimately double PPC enquiries/ sales and also potentially reduce PPC cost per enquiry/ sale by half. So when analysing PPC (& other channels), factoring in what it would take to improve onsite conversion, should be explored.

Insightful UX specialising in supporting website improvement programmes by undertaking website tracking and performance audits.

  • The first to ensure your website has the right tracking and measurements in place to monitor and improve performance, which in turn helps to set clear web objectives.
  • Secondly the performance audits identify the gap between current and potential performance, and recommends which areas of the site to prioritise to drive improved conversions.
  • Insightful UX specialise in working within the financial services sector working for many big brands and their web agencies and in other sectors supporting businesses with a focus towards improving onsite enquiries/ sales levels onsite.
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