Just like employees, not every website will provide value to every business! What did I just say??!

Whether I like it or not it’s true. However, there is a caveat when I say value…by this I mean pay back a positive and healthy return in terms of income generated relative to the cost to develop and manage it.

For businesses where a website can clearly provide value we believe that they should be thinking about treating their website like a new employee.

Why do we believe this mantra?

Ok, let’s list some of the elements of managing our employees.

  • Define a role profile the member of staff will play and what we expect them to do/ achieve
  • Implement a thorough recruitment process to find the best fit for the business, the team, our customers and the new prospect
  • Invest time in training them and helping them to become more effective in their roles and servicing our customers
  • Evaluate them at key stages and feedback on what they have done well and areas for improvement, whilst illustrating how you will support them to help them become more effective

If you’re doing all these things then you will be getting great value from your staff and you are statistically more likely to retain them longer within the business and generate more income because they are engaged and provide excellent customer service.

Ok, so let’s apply these same principles when developing or improving your own website. Surely your website would provide greater value to the business and have greater longevity?

Your website is your best sales person, because:

  • You have taken the time to understand and define the role your website plays and the specific objectives it will achieve for you
  • You have taken the time to understand how it may impact you, your team and customers not only in terms of the way it will communicate with them, but also the internal resource required to build it and manage it
  • It is your shop window and the first point of call when consumer make a perception about your brand, product, service or offering
  • Investing in updates: web pages, content marketing, key propositional messaging and digital functionality will help you determine which elements helps it service your users more effectively, we can facilitate this via conversion rate optimisation
  • Having clear KPI’s will help you monitor performance and focus on key areas that need attention, test and learn.

Here are a few more considerations you should take with regards to investing in your website like we would a member of staff.

Your website plays multiple roles

It provides the first impression, is part of your customer service team, is part of your product team, is part of your sales team. Just like your staff, would you not want to ensure each of these elements represents your business in the best way possible. For each area we therefore need to ensure that your website is providing the right information presented with the right language and tone of voice.

Objection handling

If you have sales personnel they will be communicating the benefits of the business, one of the huge benefits of a physical sales person is that they can sit across from someone and manage the objections a prospect may have to not buying your product.

Your website is part of the sales funnel, so should also provide your users with an experience and reassurances regarding your services. This can be achieved by simply listing out the reasons why prospects may not want to do business with you and then countering these objections with an answer that will reassure the user, or at the very least help them understand a certain aspect of your business. These are your USP’s.

In summary, I hope at the very least I have illustrated that just like an effective employee your website can’t just be recruited/ acquired and left. It needs support to ensure that it lives up to its potential, becomes a valuable asset to the business and delivers long term ROI.

How can we help?

Taking a step back and looking at your surroundings: current activity, competitors, customers and wider market, will help you understand how to compete and grow more effectively.

We guide our clients through this process and provide them with a clear prioritised step by step implementation plan, with many clients asking for our support to help with the implementation and execution.

If you want to know more about how we can help you grow your business, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading.

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