Let me tell you how I discovered the best way to grow business online: the website audit. And here’s why you should perform a website audit too.

Once upon a time, I was sat in a big corporate office with a steady role and a great team behind me. However, I had hit a wall. I wanted more from my career… I wanted to step out into the world with a brand new digital business. What was it going to offer?

I found myself asking these questions:

1. Why don’t agencies do more research and gather insight before proposing solutions?

2. How can we provide services that clients value and really need?

3. How do we differentiate ourselves from the thousands of web design agencies simply building websites?

I took a step back and started thinking about what really made all the businesses I have worked for a success. Suddenly, it clicked. I knew what digital service I could provide.

Analysis, then action

Rear view of a man facing a wall covered in printed paper for web audit analysis and research.

I always followed a methodical planning process: analysis, research and forecasting. When I grew brands or businesses of clients I represented – whether it was an SME or a corporate – the process started with a website audit.

For an SME, I grew the business by 18% in year 1 without any additional budget. For the corporate, I increased online new business sales from 9k to 27k in 2 years (including an 80% client retention rate). This upward trend has continued throughout my career.

Why do I need a web audit?

Business people questioning businessman in office

Imagine this. You’re looking to increase your online sales. You’re spending money driving traffic into your website, but – frustratingly – it’s not giving you the return you need.

What do you do?

Option A) Pump even more money into Google to potentially drive more sales


Option B) Optimise your website, improve your conversion and lower your cost per sale.

Option A may well increase your sales, but it won’t give you the return you’re looking for.

Get Option B right, though… your ROI will improve, enabling you to drive even more sales at a lower cost.

How do you start a website audit?

It begins with your website data. If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you can see how people are interacting your website and where it’s falling short. Then, put yourself in the shoes of your users and try to complete tasks – note what’s easy and what’s hard. This is where a website audit evaluates and highlights exactly what is currently happening. The web audit then provides a clear prioritised plan on where to begin. It’s your blueprint to success.

The simple principle that has shaped my career is helping our clients capitalise on achieving online growth. The feedback we are receiving is amazing and truly humbling.

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Not sure where to start? Download our FREE website audit guide

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To conclude…

If digital growth is sluggish and you feel like you should be getting more from your efforts: Dig into your website data and explore your website journey – the answers will be there.

Alternatively, if you need some help and guidance, get in touch. We are always happy to explore how we can help.

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