As unlikely as it sounds, I think the sun and your business’ website have a lot in common.

The sun sustains life: we know this to be true. While we go about doing our everyday earth things – working, living, making friends and stroking dogs – we do it all in silent gratitude to big Sol in the sky. 

Your website, similarly, lives above the clouds and sustains the life of your business. While you go about your day – meeting clients, providing services, changing the world – your website keeps your business alive and kicking 24/7; it’s offering solutions and answers whenever someone needs it. What thanks does the website get? Absolutely nada.

Why is it that businesses focus on channels (like Instagram and Facebook) and neglect the website in the process? They can’t sustain life like your website can. This is why your website needs to be the centre of your digital solar system.

A brief lesson on Renaissance-era websites

Until relatively recently, us humans thought the sun revolved around the Earth. If I told you during Chaucer’s age that the sun was at the centre of it all, you’d have said something like “yur soules goon a-blakeberyd!. Bit harsh, but at the time it was fair game.

It wasn’t until Nicolaus Copernicus, internationally-renowned astronomer and all-round clever clogs, that we could set the record straight.

In 1514, like Moses on the mount, Copernicus declared that the Earth was indeed not the centre of the universe – and that we had really overestimated Earth’s importance in the cosmos.

The trouble between your head and Uranus

It took ages to accept what Copernicus said. We might have worked out Earth’s importance but it begged the question, what if any of these other planets are more important than this one? Is Neptune where it’s at?  (Spoiler: No, no it’s not.)

It’s a similar story in our digital universe too. Endless seminars and talking heads segments are full of chat about The Next Big Thing: “Facebook is dead! How do brands make money? It’s TikTok! It’s finding influencers on Instagram!”

Steady on! Remember what your world needs to survive: turn towards the sun.

While your target audience might be somewhere else, joining the TikTok space race can only get you so far. If you have an e-commerce store that you need to advertise, at some point your users need to abandon the channel and get on your website. At that point, it’s up to your site to do the heavy lifting.

Bad website? Poorer sales.
No sales? Terrible times.

No more alien-ation

Taking a tip from our man Copernicus, I’ve created the best way to visualise your digital assets and channels:

Move over, Brian Cox.

All of these different planets have their own ecosystems. In the photorealistic satellite image above, you’ll notice the landscape of LinkedIn is a lot drier than the world of Instagram. LinkedIn even has its own moon where smaller, more specific activity takes place. How cute!

You’d imagine the inhabitants of these worlds communicate in completely different ways – and you’d be right. These worlds don’t talk to each other, nor do they need to. Speak the language of the locals, get to know them and speak to each audience in the way they’d expect.

Meanwhile, despite their differences, all these worlds have something in common. They’re all orbiting your website, basking in the warm glow of its centralised, neutral content.

Without your website giving power to these channels – a reason to exist – these channels are nothing but asteroids: floating rocks in space that might have an impact… but will likely fizzle out before they even land.

The star of the show

If you think your brand’s online activity revolves around sticking out content on Facebook that just stays on Facebook, you’re living in the tech version of the 1400s. Your digital activity is a cosmic system of planets and stars that should all link back to one thing: your website.

Get customers to the next stage and start the enquiry forms rolling in. It’s time to give your website the recognition it deserves.

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