Endsleigh asked Insightful to help develop a new Telematic ‘black box’ insurance website for young deivers to help lower their premiums

Buyers and influencers

We kicked off the project by running interviews with younger drivers in their late teens, asking them about buying their first car insurance policy.

It became clear that their parents influenced this process so we quickly ran a separate study interviewing parents with children about to pass their driving test.

We discovered that many young drivers were previously named on their parents policies – they had never been through a quote and buy experience before.

Brand and Data

There was also perception amongst younger drivers that big brands were cheaper. There was nervousness around data security. This was important as the Telematic product collects car data to monitor driver safety.


The interviews and further testing revealed other subtle but crucial differences between how parents and younger drivers viewed the searching and buying of online car Insurance.

Media channels

Research told us that younger drivers learnt a lot about how to get lower premiums through video content on social media sites like YouTube. Parents would often got frustrated with online quoting and would often pick-up the phone to buy the quote.

On-site copy and language

Parents used to years of renewal quickly scrolled through the site concerned with level of cover and price. Younger drivers got confused by some of the language. For example, the differences between the meanings of the word ‘mileage’ on the car and ‘annual mileage’ on the policy.

Understanding context and expectation

Research also told us that young drivers had no expectation of how long the quote and buy experience would last. They also had little idea about how the ‘black box’ would be installed in their car. We realised we needed a different experience for younger drivers.


RESEARCH: Qualitative semi-structured interviews

We spoke with parents of younger drivers and young drivers who had already or who were about to pass their driving test

UX & WIREFRAMING Prototype development

Wireframing a new quote > buy website journey using existing quote engine and data Existing product inputs to ensure accuracy

RESEARCH: Remote moderated prototype testing

Testing and validating the prototype with young drivers by taking them through the new quote > buy journey, observing frictions and enablers



Once the testing had been complete and we had debriefed the client teams, Endsleigh’s internal digital teams ran an A/B test to validate some of recommendations. It’s a ‘marginal gains’ approach Insightful fully supported. Plus the results were impressive!:

One recommendation which was an extra line of copy added in provided a revenue uplift of £200k.


This project shows that it’s all too easy to take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Simple research can uncover vital differences in customer segments and groups.

Research and testing helps validate the differences to de-risk big what to build when launching a new product or service.

At Endsleigh, we needed to understand our true customers much better and use that insight to rebuild a couple of our ECommerce journeys for some core products. The team at Insightful UX expertly ran some web/UX audit work and some qualitative audience research which produced some surprising but critical results. They then used this to map out and wireframe the new eCommerce journeys. All this effort resulted in great conversion uplifts for the business and proved how worthwhile it was spending time getting things right before embarking on our website redesign ourselves.
Mark Edkins
Product and Marketing Director
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