Client Info:

The insurance intermediary, established in 1965, specialises in a number of markets including education and sports.

The Brief

With several projects of equally high priority being developed concurrently, there was a growing tension between effectiveness and efficiency. The client understood that helping the team approach this complex issue in the right manner would ease this problem.

The Result

Just one recommendation made by us and implemented by them provided a revenue uplift of £200k.

Our Solution

We noted that important decisions were being made based purely on assumptions. Our suggestion was to seek out actual audience insights and base user journey improvements on these.
An analytical review of the website, from a few perspectives including customer personas and consumer life-cycle, revealed areas worthy of further exploration. Interviews with representative customers illuminated these areas more and gave our team enough insight to design all new wireframes and write more appropriate words.
Feedback we received said this definitely stopped people from leaving the website.
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