Client Info:

As one of the largest public sector organisations globally, the NHS prioritises digital transformation.

The Brief

Even before Covid-19, the NHS were committed to helping more people utilise their online services. However progress was not as swift as they had hoped.

The Result

With newly identified target audiences and plans to remove previously identified barriers, the NHS were able to develop specific communications to encourage more use of their services.

Our Solution

The challenge we faced was to implement research quickly, identifying barriers that prevented people from accessing digital services and provide a tool to help the NHS implement changes swiftly. We proposed a range of mixed research methods, working in sprints and a prototype dashboard that enabled the client to access the recommendations in real-time and target specific resources locally. Using this methodology challenged some long held assumptions, providing the NHS with a fantastic opportunity to achieve their aims.
Oliver Sleeman
Marketing Head
Insightful helped us run a huge research project for the NHS against a backdrop of Covid so they had to adapt their methods and respond quickly to how they ran the studies. They also helped us shape a new product off the back of their excellent insights which was no mean feat
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