The Tank Museum has one of the largest collections of armoured vehicles in the world. It has a collection of almost 300 vehicles that traces the history of the tank.

It had a challenge shared by many visitor attractions:

How do they share the dynamism of what happens within their four walls?


Really understanding the audience and what they wanted was key. We helped the client with a wide range of research methods including benchmarking alongside competitors and peers.

Doing this gave the Tank Museum a comprehensive list of things they should do, as well as a list of things they shouldn’t!

This breadth and depth of understanding helped us prioritise the relevant wants and needs and develop a sitemap designed to engage and excite.

As a result everyone’s expectations were exceeded!


Built specifically for several key audiences, a new website has helped the Tank Museum increase online sales.

I didn’t feel I had to surrender any feeling of control over the creative or the production – with Insightful UX and Thin Reel, it felt very much like a collaboration at every stage. The way we were able to work together seemed to bring the best out in all involved. The final product speaks for itself. We are all really proud of the video – and have been working with Insightful UX on a new website which will place this creative at the top of the user journey.
Nik Wyness
Head of Marketing
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