Waterside Holiday Group

Client Info:

Waterside Holiday Group has a number of holiday resort parks and spas based in the South West.

The Brief

A timely review of the performance of the current roster of agencies offered a chance to analyse what this more traditional business could do with a more digital offering.

The Result

Despite challenging trading conditions, the group reported its highest ever turnover figures based in part on our analysis of their digital assets, channels, and their use.

Our Solution

We soon discovered a range of opportunities on the website and under-utilised channels that we believed, with the right planning and forecasting, could significantly increase online sales. Focusing on optimising the conversion rate through an improved user experience, our recommendations looked at email marketing, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and social media marketing. A new trend in staycations certainly helped the group enjoy a period of sustained growth, but so did we. Hence, we’re still partnering with them!
Andy Legg
Marketing Director
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