Our website audit offers a detailed analysis of a site’s overall health, performance and speed. It involves a comprehensive look at numerous factors that might potentially affect the visibility with search engines and ease of use with visitors.

In order to understand your situation better and help you make better decisions, we collect, organise and analyse a wealth of information from all sorts of sources.

Whether online or offline, our workshops are always participatory and interactive. We find them a great way to get everybody involved in the sharing of information and the development of ideas.

Not too dissimilar to an architect’s blueprint or an engineer’s schematic, wireframes are a useful tool to demonstrate to designers, developers and copywriters exactly how the website will work. They’re the place all websites should start.

As more things like email, blogs, social media, events, videos, podcasts, etc., open up to businesses, the more confusing it can become. Knowing what works for your business, and having a strategy as to where and when you share is more important than ever.

Every time you sell something through your website, that’s called a conversion. If you can increase the rate by which your website converts, even if only by a small amount, it’ll mean more sales. And we all want more sales.

Your home on the internet. Technically a website is a “collection of web pages and related content identified by a common domain name.” But you mean your business’ home on the internet. A home that you control.


When you know more of what people think about what you do, or more about how they use your website, you can do more.

When you make your service slicker, your products better and your website work harder, you will sell more.

When you’re more informed and everything you do is optimised, when you’re easier to find than your competition and what you do is more useful, your business will flourish.

We want to help you do that.


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